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Welcome aboard our Maine Coon Cattery in the Middle of Germany!

We are glad that you visit our website and that you want to learn more about the Maine Coons or Moonshinecoons. For further informations about our cats, you can click onto the pictures.

About us

We are breeding Maine Coon Cats since 2003. It is a passion, to which we give much love. We are fascinated by this wonderfully beautiful and lovely pets. Our cats love to live with us and we are very happy with them. They live in our family and they have a wonderful outdoor enclosure, where they enjoy the sun and even rain or snow. They have much space to play and frolic around. In the neighborhood they can watch the horses and cows. Besides they love it to play with our dogs, Rana, a Gordon Setter, and Otello, a Chihuahua. And we all love to cuddle them.

We love the wildlook, the big heads with lynx tips on the ears, long fluffy tails, big paws, nice collars and a strong size with a imposing expression.

We are a happy about an entry in our guestbook!

If you have any questions, don´t hesitate to ask us, by phone or Email.

more informations

Miriam Mende
35781 Weilburg



A dog is thinking : „They feed me, they cuddle me, they care for me... they must be Gods."

A cat is thinking: „„They feed me, they cuddle me, they care for me... I must be God."


Our cats are accustomed to dogs, here our Gordon Setter Rana:

...and 2010 he has moved in:

Chihuahua Otello

Otello, Rana and Fletcher


...and that´s me. And now please enjoy your visit on our website!

Here is a Link to the Start-picture with information
...because it is not a photo composition


Miriam Mende

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