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Maine Coon Katze

The Maine Coon breed had been originally a robust breed, which lived in the woods of America at snow and coldness. Their coat and their whole constitution is formed accordingly.

Attributable to years of years of breedings and particularly very close matings (linebreeding) the gene pool has grown smaller, which could cause a week immune system, gingival inflammation and cardiac disease.

Ultimate breeding ambition

The ultimate breeding ambition should be, in our opinion, to receive to originally rugedness, health and longevity of the Maine Coon.

We want from our offspring

- healthy immune system

- Longevity

- cats that are oriented to humans and have a smooth mind

- completely wellbeing

- wild look

- low Top-5- und Clone-data

- low inbreed-coefficient


To attain this, we have the following principles:

- matings of selected lines with low inbreed-data
- Tests of HCM (both genetic and ultrasonic)
- Tests of PKD
- use of Foundation-Lines
- growing up of the kittens in the family
- natural cat keeping with limited population in order to avoid stress
- healthy varying feeding with food of high quality

Breeding goals

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