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Maine Coon Cats by now rank among the most popular cat breeds. It stands to reason. Everybody, who has dealings with this cuddly sociable pets, will confirm that this animals have a special nature and an georgeous look, of wich you are immediatly hooked.

Maine Coon Cats belong to the semilonghaired breeds. There are different fur markings and colours. Following characteristics should have every maine Coon:


Maine-Coon characteristics:


On the head and on the shoulders the coat is short and becomes towards the tail, hind legs and belly longer. The hind legs have longer coat,m which looks like bloomers. The long tail has bushy wafting tailhair. With advancing age the Maine Coon gets a ruff. The coat has a thin, but sturdy undercoat with shiny, water-repellent, straight top hair. This makes sure that the Maine Coon Cat is well fitted for a life in harsh, cold climate. The coat colour can have all colours, except pointed chocolate, lilac, cinnamon and fawn.

The head has an average length and size with high cheekbones. The junction between muzzle and cheekbones is clearly palpable. The muzzle is well-marked and appears square. The nose has a medial length with a gentle concave bend. The nose must not have a bump. The chin is firm and is in line with the nose and the upper lips.


Maine Coons are very brawny with a strong bone structure. The body is medium-size to very big, powerful, has a big chest and apperas retangular.


The paws are big, circular and have tufts of hair between the toes.


The ears are big, at the beginning wide and stand upright. They tilt light outward. The distance of both ears should not exceed one ear-width. If the cat is older the distance will become wider. In the auricles are tufts, which protrude beyond the outside margin. Lynx tufts are desirable.


The tail should be at least as long as the body from the bladebone to the tail-root. This is the reason: Maine Coons are endemic in colder areas. The tail is wrapped around the body in order to protect the body from the cold. The tail is on the root broad and to the end hastate. The tail-hair is very long and wafting.


Nature of the Maine Coon

In contrast to the domestic cat and other breeds, the Maine Coons are very sociable and in opposition to house cats and other breeds, Maine Coons are very sociable and not stubborn.They have a sweet-tempered, amiable character. Constantly they are looking for company. They are very attached to humans and follow them everywhere. Other cats or dogs, even rabbits, etc. are well accepted. Up until old age they are playful and they play very similar to dogs. Many Maine Coon cats fetch, that means they bring back toys which you throw away.
They like dabble in water. They are not sophisticated according to free run. You can keep them inside, if you play with them and give them company. You can use them to the leash when they are young. You will love this breed!


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